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Wenholz | Dow has handled numerous wrongful death cases in Austin, TX. We have relationships with experts who can help us quantify your family's damages. Our attorneys know how to build strong wrongful death cases and how to try them in court if necessary.

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When somebody comes to Wenholz | Dow and they think they have a wrongful death case, the first item that we need to figure out is if they fall into the statute that identifies who wrongful death beneficiaries are. With a wrongful death case, you have to be familiar not only with the statute, but the following case law, or the case law based off of the statute. It's a fairly . . . It can be a simple wrongful death case, but most wrongful death cases are anything but simple. They're usually fairly complicated. Statutory wrongful death beneficiaries in Texas include the spouse of somebody who was killed by the negligence of another, the children of somebody who was killed by the negligence of another, or the parents. It does not include siblings, cousins, uncles, and aunts. So, in a wrongful death case, independent of the facts of the case, you're typically going to need experts to quantify the damages, and that means maybe an economist, maybe an economic expert to bring the numbers to present value. And then, you might also need experts on the actual facts of the case, whether it's an accident reconstruction expert, an engineer, whatnot. At Wenholz | Dow, we have handled countless wrongful death cases. Dave and I have handled them both on our own before we joined forces, and we've handled multiple since we've joined forces, even in our short time, and we currently have several pending right now. We know how to work those cases up, we know how to get liability nailed down, and we know how to maximize the damages through experts, and then, of course, trying the case if necessary.

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