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Truck accidents are more complicated than typical car wrecks. The attorneys of Wenholz | Dow have taken several truck accident cases to trial, and we have relationships with experts in the trucking industry who help to strengthen our cases. We won't settle for anything less than 100 percent justice in your case.

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Wenholz | Dow routinely handles commercial trucking cases. In fact, we're trying a case, just such a case, in two weeks up in federal court up in Marshall, Texas. With a trucking case, unlike a car wreck, there is a whole lot more information to get, and you have to know how to get it. The trucking industry is governed not only by state law but by federal law. And you're dealing with things like black boxes, electronic data downloads. Sometimes there's cameras in the truck. You've got driver logs. There's a lot more information to be obtained in a trucking case, and you have to know how to obtain it. In a trucking case, experts are a necessity. I don't know how you could have a trucking case without hiring at least one expert. It's usually a safety or a trucking expert and an accident reconstructionist. Trucking cases tend to cause more substantial injuries, physical injuries, to the parties involved. And one reason for that is just the sheer mass and weight of an 18-wheeler versus a normal car. The force, the impact is going to be much more violent than two cars colliding. So Wenholz | Dow routinely handles commercial trucking cases. So we've got a lot of experience in knowing how to work the case, knowing how to depose the witnesses, knowing who the experts are, who the experts that we're going to hire are, and being familiar with the defense experts. And then, just the vast amount of information that you have to be able to obtain through the discovery process. If you've got a trucking case that's worth $10 million, any personal injury lawyer can settle it for $3 milllion or $4 million. The difference with Wenholz | Dow is we are going to litigate the case and try the case if necessary. We're going to get the full value of the case. We're not going to get 30% justice, 50% justice. We're going to get 100% justice. The insurance companies know which plaintiffs' lawyers will try cases and which plaintiffs' lawyers will not try cases. So in being willing to try cases and trying cases because we are on the case and know what we're doing, it increases the settlement value of those cases.

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